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Saladin and Jerusalem

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Baldwin of Bourcq was also crowned as Baldwin II of Jerusalem (–31). While Baldwin II exercised full control over both the kingdom of Jerusalem and the county of Edessa, his successor handed the lordship of Edessa to the hands of the family of Courtenay. The first four Crusader states were created in the Levant immediately after the First Crusade.

The first Crusader state, the County of Edessa, was founded in and lasted until ; The Principality of Antioch, founded inlasted until ; The Kingdom of Jerusalem, founded inlasted untilwhen the city of Acre fell.

There were also many vassals of the Kingdom of. Saladin and Jerusalem specifically for you. for only $13 Shirkuh, were both generals in the army of Zengi, the Muslim leader who captured the County of Edessa from the crusaders in When Zengi died inSaladin moved with his father and uncle to Damascus in Syria, the main city of Zengi’s empire.

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Edessa, County of A Frankish state in northern Syria and Upper Mesopotamia (). The first of the principalities established in Outremer in the course of the First Crusade (), the county of Edessa was. Treatments of different domains and periods are scattered between different files.

Crusader states

The systematic treatment is as follows in the list below, but the list in the box at right simply gives the actual internet files in which basic historical material, with lists and genealogies, is contained.

County of edessa essay
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