Clytaemnestras power in agamemnon essay

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The Oresteia - Essay

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Aegisthus sees the curse as possible a leveling effect, meaning it must set to avenge previous work. Find and download essays and research papers on CLYTEMNESTRA. Essay. Uploaded By leoxia. Pages 8 Ratings. % The murder of Agamemnon goes onto the second play by invoking the wrath of Orestes, she is still openly submissive to divine power as seen in lines towhere she proclaims that “I’ll meet your match%(3).

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Classical scholars generally believed that Athens at the turn of the 5th century achieved one of the greatest zeniths of Western culture - Clytemnestra and Lysistrata Essay introduction. But, on the other hand, the status of women was at its very low.

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Agamemnon - The King of Argos, the husband of Clytemnestra, and the commander of the Greek armies during the siege of Troy. Agamemnon is the older brother of Menelaus, whose wife Helen was stolen by a Trojan prince, thus igniting a decade-long war.

Clytaemnestras husband, Agamemnon, did not wrong here directly but rather indirectly. Agamemnon sacrificed their daughter Iphigeneia, in order to calm the Thracian winds.

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For Clytaemnestra this brought much hatred towards Agamemnon. However, we must also consider Clytemnestra and her reasons for killing Agamemnon. Clytemnestra is a strong woman caught in the midst of a world in which women are for being like men, yet horrified when women show the strength and courage of men.

Clytaemnestras power in agamemnon essay
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