Annette baier moral prejudices essays on ethics

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Moral Prejudices : Essays on Ethics by Annette C. Baier (1994, Hardcover)

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Moral Prejudices: Essays on Ethics

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Commons of the Mind (Paul Carus Lectures) [Annette Baier] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Care Ethics

Since Descartes, it has seemed natural for philosophers to take reason to be complete in each individual reasoner. Locke wrote. Annette Baier observes certain affinities between care ethics and the moral theory of David Hume, whom she dubs the “women’s moral theorist.” Baier suggests both deny that morality consists in obedience to a universal law, emphasizing rather the importance of cultivating virtuous sentimental character traits, including gentleness.

Moral Prejudices Analysis

Annette C. Baier, a well-known moral philosopher and Hume scholar, focused in particular on Hume's moral psychology. She is well known also for her contributions to feminist philosophy and to the philosophy of mind, where she was strongly influenced by her former colleague, Wilfrid Sellars.4/5(6).

Moral Prejudices : Essays on Ethics by Annette C. Baier (1994, Hardcover)

Care Ethics. The moral theory known as “ the ethics of care” implies that there is moral significance in the fundamental elements of relationships and dependencies in human life. Normatively, care ethics seeks to maintain relationships by contextualizing and promoting the well-being of care-givers and care-receivers in a network of social relations.

Annette Baier

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